Friday, September 26, 2008

This Week........

......started off normal enough, but to keep in line with daily drama around here, quickly got out of hand.......on Monday, everyone went to school, even Taylor. She came home very tired and I gave her meds and made her stay down for the afternoon.
On Tuesday, I sent Briana off to school, got Taylor ready for school and the quints ready to head out to therapy (we have back to back sessions at two different places on Tuesdays)......but when Taylor came downstairs for breakfast, I knew something wasn't right.
She was telling me she was swallowing blood and looked a bit pale in the face, so I called the ENT practice of dr.s who did all the kids' surgeries and the on call dr. called me back 9 minutes later! Anything with the word "blood" in it was an immediate "Do not pass go, do not collect 200.00, go straight to the ER" which couldn't have been anything positive. So instead of going to therapy with all the kids in tow, we were now headed to the hospital where the ENT office had just opened up their new medical offices. We walked right in, got assessed by an ER dr. who then paged the on call ENT clinic dr. who then walked over from his offices, who informed me that Taylor needed to be rushed into the OR for a "re-do" on the right side of her throat. I called a friend from church, who came and got the quints for me and watched them for the day. Steven was on his way from work, but not before they had to start an IV on Taylor - boy she was so brave - much more then I could be! She held so still and though it was massively boring for the quints to sit on the wall and read books, they did so good for an hour and a half in the ER triage room (we couldn't really call it a field trip because there was nothing in there you were allowed to touch !). So the day in a nutshell was:
7:00 am - wake up and realize we are having blood swallowing issues
7:30 am - called ENT practice and left message for on call dr.
7:39 am - on call dr. calls back and says go straight to ER
8:00 am - arrive at ER
8:30 am - assessed by ER doctor who then pages ENT dr.
9:00 am - ENT dr. arrives to assess Taylor
9:30 am - start IV on Taylor, friend picks up quints, dad arrives from work
9:50 am - wheeled into OR for "re-do" on right side of throat / left side looks lovely!
10:30am - wheeled into recovery where dad gives a kiss and heads back to work
11:00 am - mom goes back into recovery to sit with Taylor who is still sleeping
1:30 pm - discharged from recovery, head to Walgreens to pick up new medications
2:00 pm - we are back home, starting over with a cold liquid diet and missing school for another week

Later on at night - mom is so thankful things turned out the way they did and we had loving friends around us to help when we needed it........Taylor was so lucky to have caring dr.s and staff working on her even though it was on an emergency and rushed, we are resting, resting, resting and catching up on schoolwork !!!!
Blessings on your week !

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Sara Tyre said...

Busy momma. Is is a true blessing to have great people around to help out. Especially many of us with those large and enjoyable families. Your doing a great job!