Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, it's the holiday season again and although it can be stressful planning and helping out the kids with school stuff, home stuff & everything in between -- I am trying to remember each day why we are celebrating this special time of year. I am working with the kids on an advent calendar, decorating the house, learning more about Haannakah and doing fun stuff like helping out in class with school projects, etc.

The kids are enjoying kindergarten this year and although there have been some ups and down with getting settled into a routine, for the most part they have adjusted well. Their teacher is a friend of mine and having twin boys, was up for the challenge of any sibling issues that might come from having them all in the same class~
The kids have also been evaluated for therapy at a local clinic here in town. Alexis was going to two other clinics farther away and recieving therapies there however once Anthony and eventually the other kids got evaluated as well - we found moving them all to the same clinic to recieve therapy was the only way to keep my sanity levels normal ! We go three mornings a week to the clinic and four of the five quints recieve services there....Alexis still gets her OT, PT, ST & Feeding and now we have Joshua getting ST, Anthony getting PT, OT and ST and Julian getting OT and's a busy schudule but we are so thankful that they are finally getting the help they need - we'll take whatever we can get!
Steven got hired on full time at Wells Fargo Insurance Services where he'd been temping for the past six's not much money but there is a benefits package and we can finally get some medical coverage for he and myself out of it - so we are thrilled about that change as well! Also we are looking to buy a home hopefully after the first of the year and Steven is hoping to use his VA loan that is due him....we are thinking up in the mountains about fifteen minutes from town but we'll see where God leads us !
The older girls are doing well with homeschooling although I think we will try a different ciriculum next year as this one was a bit too much focused on hours of attendance vs. weather the material was actually relevant or not.....this area is such a big homeschooling area - we are finding so many levels of involvement and groups, programs, etc....I am excited to investigate other options for next year so the girls can be more engaged and on task~
As for me, I am enjoying having my parents out here - they moved in Sept. to be closer to us, the grandkids, etc....and although it has been a hard adjustment I think they are getting used to the changes. There is, of course, the better medical care, cheaper cost of living and other things that are a bonus, but the change in climate can be a bit much on any native southern Californian I am sure!

Well, we are off and running to do our daily stuff but I am sure there will be more news soon as things are always changed around here ! Blessings on your holidays & a happy 2010 !!