Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a Blessing !

Hello Everyone! I hope this find everyone having a productive and healthy fall season !! We are now back in the school groove complete with PM preschool, playing room mom in Taylor's third grade class and making sure Briana is keeping up her grades in middle school (she is doing lovely!) has been a hard adjustment coming down from all these medical procedures and time off from school, etc...........

......however God has been so gracious to put in our family life some awesome Christ-followers who struggle the same struggles, weather with kids or finances or jobs. He has been so gracious to provide for all our needs and even some of our wants, despite the fact sometimes we don't think it 's in the right order! I have slowly learned (and am still learning) that if I just pray it into existence; it will happen and for that I am in awe every day.

........when I think about where I was one year ago (right before we relocated here from southern CA) I cannot beleive how much our family has been blessed with; I prayed for a long time that we would move out of California - a place that is hostile for the most part, high cost of living and not family friendly - but never did I imagine that we would move to a town where we are the norm - large families are A BLESSING here - albeit the quintuplet part still leaves folks stumped - but never once have I heard "Wow, I'm really sorry for you"......and that is so refreshing! Steven has connected with other Christian men at our church; I attend a mid-week women's bible study and the kids enjoy going to church. We have gotten involved in our community - the local GOP office - the multiples club - the school.....things we didn't have time for back in California.

Though we have less money and resources now then we did in CA - God has blessed our lives so richly - it really doesn't matter.....we have each other and caring friends and supportive family.

Okay, I didn't expect to get on this whole "We are so lucky" box - but sometimes, I just have to stop and appreciate what is right in front of me..........

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Misty said...

Isn't it amazing when you just have faith, how it all comes together! I'm so happy to read your post. Your emails when I found out we were having quads meant so much to me. Many of the suggestions & advice you gave, we followed and I'm so glad!