Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a Week!

Okay, you know when you have one of those days that calls for a do-over and then you realize it's taking over your whole week? Well, that pretty much sums up the last week for me. It started off on Monday, when I went to an at home business meeting and was late because my girlfriend and I went out to eat first (how often do you really do that?!).....then on Tuesday, I had therapy for Alexis at two different places, but the second place called to cancel so after feeding therapy finished, I decided to take the kids to Focus on the Family to place in the indoor place area. The kids were okay, but it had been so long since we had been there that they were a bit on the hyper side and other families stared (for the first time in a long time.)....then the bus showed up early, so we didn't have backpacks and water bottles ready on time to load up for school either. Now we are onto Wednesday which proves that when you think things couldn't possibly get any more crazy, they do. I had Taylor home from school that morning to go to the ENT for a pre-op for her tonsil surgery as well as having all the quints there to have the four checked out post-op.
I load everyone up, get to the office on time and realize i am at the wrong facility. A new hospital opened up two weeks ago in the northeast part of town and the ENT practice of six drs. all rotate clinic between their old office (still totally open and functioning) and the new offices located at the new hospital that just opened. So I find out from the receptionist at the old office that the dr. is doing clinic that particular day at the new facility, of which I have never been to! So I load everyone back into the van and while attempting to find the new my cell phone rings. Seeing it's Briana's - I'm a bit concerned since it's supposed to be on vibrate in her backpack for the day. So she proceeds to tell me that she is in the nurses office at school and she "thinks" she has head lice - I need to come pick her up. Excuse me?!?!?!?
So, like any good wife, I immediately said "Call your father" and hung up - within thirty seconds I get a call from my distraught husband, "What the hell am I doing now?" is the response on the phone! We quickly assess that he has to pick her up at shcool and run her home because I am on my way to the ENT appoitnment, now one hour late and trying to find the new facility.......*sigh*, I give up!!!
I will update more on the week later today or tomorrow, I am on my way to work out some of my frustrations at the "Y". Blessings to all :-)

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Tammy said...

Hi Lyndsey!! Great to see you blogging. I have turned mine into mostly a homeschooling blog, and I have my personal blog on myspace. I look forward to reading all about the family!!