Saturday, June 5, 2010


....PRAISE THE LORD ! We are done with school; done with driving into town 2-4 times per day (12 miles each way!!) ....DONE DONE DONE!!!! Woot Woot! Though Steven did not get into the Biggest Loser 10 final cut; we know God has better plans then those at this point in our lives. The kids have just finished kindergarten, fourth grade & seventh grade. We have decided to enroll the older girls in school again for a variety of resons, but the main one being they want to go back, to see friends each day, to have teachers other then me, etc. After praying and weighing options, I have decided that this is best for now...though homeschooling isn't entirly out of the question in the future, for now all the kids will be in school. Our new home is located in a new school district which I have found to be more understanding of our family dynamics, therapy schedules, I am excited for the fresh start the kids get.
They will take the bus each day--it will come right up the street for middle/high school and in front of the house for elem. school. The teachers are eager to have the kids; the house is mostly unpacked and settled....we are finally comfortable for the first time in a long time! We got a new dog, Franky--to add to the growing family-he is a beagle hound mix, twice the size of Sammy, our first dog and the kids AND Sammy all love him!
We are looking forward to a summer trip this year to TN to see my dad & step-mom. Then up to KY to see my husband's aunt who will give Anthony two turtles all his own! We are doing summer horse riding therapy, soccer session in a local club out here, VBS at two different churches in the forest near our home & my MIL is coming to visit in late July for a few weeks. A trip with my mom to Vegas for a family reunion of sorts & an overnight with my hubby to celebrate (late) our anniversary will make our summer complete! Cannot wait for our trampoline & possibly if the Lord sees fit; a trailer or pop up to camp in on weekends but also to save on hotel costs when traveling to visit family.
Loving the warm weather; loveing the sprinklers, could do with out the snakes, but hey, we love it out here in the country!!!!