Thursday, September 18, 2008

.......the saga continues........

........okay so to continue the saga for the week for last week, Steven picks up B from middle school and as they are driving home he asks her, "So did they do a random check for lice at school today or something weird like that?" to which Briana quickly replies, "No, I just saw a bunch of white stuff like spots in my hair and I didn't know what it was, so I went to the nurses office because I thought it was lice" - WHAT?!?!?!?!? After poor Steven pulls the car over and yells at her things I can't repeat, he drives her home, orders her to take a shower, don't touch her hair and sit in the middle of the floor in her room until her mother gets home. Oh yeah, he added the whole "your mother's gonna kill you" line to make sure she understood how serious this was.
Her uncanny ability to run her mouth caused dad to miss work, mom to have to rush home from running around in the morning and spend the whole afternoon calling and planning to take her to the PCP's office (all the way across town no less!) to verify so does NOT have lice and to get a note stating such. So I get home, check her out, brush and wrap up her hair, get the quints lunch, get them on the bus for school, call the dr. office and was lucky enough to get a same day apt. in the afternoon while everyone else was at school.
After driving across town in the van (easily $10 in gas) waiting for almost an hour in the hallway of the dr. office (it was WED, the most crowded day of the week with all four dr.'s being in the office seeing people) getting a note verifying no lice, just dandruff with a side of stupidity - also asking for a medication for dandruff shampoo - we were on our way back home for the day--trying to beat the preschool bus home by 3:30. I had long since given up going to the YMCA to work out or getting any laundry or housecleaning done. I walk in the door, take the kids off the bus, get snacks for all and walk right back out again - to pick Taylor up from Girl bus ride home on Wednesday due to G.S. not ending until 4:30. Come back home and decide that after the day I had, kids in this house will be lucky to get any food for dinner, much less something hot and cooked :-)

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