Thursday, September 18, 2008

.......the rest of the week................

Awhile back, Steven and I had decided I should get more involved with the local chapter of the multiples club here in town and I have been trying to find places to help since the summer ended and school started. This past Thursday was the monthly meeting which I desperately wanted to attend, however was leery of asking my poor husband after the previous days' shinanegans (sp?). He gladly let me go to the monthly meeting including the break out time prior to the general meeting where we meet in small groups based on our multiples age. Then there was the general meeting and afterwards we went across the street for drinks at the Elephant Bar. I was happy to volunteer to be a Caring Touch Coordinator since it's involvment with a pregnant mom following her thru the babies' 3-month mark. It is sporatic whenever we have a pg. mama join and I can be involved as much or little as I want (phone calls or home visits, etc).....I got to know some of the ladies' much better after our meeting last week and feel I can now have more of a voice in the local club functions, etc......Briana had a track meet and although she fell down and got hurt, she said other kids stopped running to help her up - from other schools no less - so there are polite kids left in the world these days !
Friday was Anthony's pediatric endoranology apt. for a blood hormone level test....Steven had already agreed to take him since he does better with his dad. They were running a bit late, but no worse the wear for it......Anthony did great - didn't even cry during the IV insertion and had fun spending the day with Daddy, although it is a long day laying in a chair with an IV in your arm, watching movies and not eating until after it's done....especially for a four year old. Anthony was a real trooper and slept the whole way home so he could be ready to show his siblings his battle scar when he got home. We usually get results after 7 to 10 days. I went to the gym Friday with the four that were home with me, although that proved to be difficult since it was pouring down rain all day.........but they had fun at the gym, so I decided to further abuse myself by taking them to Walmart to get a gift for Taylor's friends' birthday whose party was the next day.....the kids did so good sitting in the cart, going to the TOY SECTION, not asking for anything and picking out a toy for Taylor's friend - they earned a candy at the checkout line.....I was massively impressed since I try to avoid Walmart at all costs and NEVER take the kids due to too must eye candy and busyness in the store. The hardest part was walking in and out of the parking lot in the rain because of sensory issues, etc......sometimes I really wish I could have handicapped cards for the van, just to avoid the dangers of crossing a large parking lot with all the little that was the end of last week; not to be repeated anytime soon !!!!

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