Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, today was such a life changing kind of experience! Steven, my best friend Rachel and myself attended the Republican Rally right here in Colorado Springs! John McCain with his wife, Cindy and his VP pick, Sarah Palin spoke and I was within 100 feet from them! It was an incredible thing to be there - have you ever seen 13,000 american flags waiving in the air while singing ".....o say can you see" ?

We quite enjoyed ourselves despite the lack of accessable restrooms, the pounding sun and occational pushing and shoving from the back as people jockyed for position....I was the first row right after the VIP section with the press, large company CEO's and other Republican reps from the city and state, etc........

Saying I was there was one thing, but having the up close and personal pix to prove it was another!!!

I had special shirts made for Steven and I that read "McCain * Palin - Officially Endorsed by the Denny Quintuplets" and on the back was a group shot of the kids with their names.........I got interviewed four times and quoted in an AP article and Steven was stopped by a reporter from the Washington Post on our way back to the car!

What a great day today!!!!! A once in a lifetime opportunity for sure !!!!!

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Misty said...

Welcome to the blogging world! How cool to be there and the pics of Palin! I'm really starting to like her & McCain.
How is CO?
Just for the record, I still have a few of your emails saved from when I found out I was having quads. You were one of the first people to email me to go to Dr. Elliot. THANK-YOU! I'm going to link you to my blog!
oh, and you look GREAT!
MOM to 21month quads