Thursday, September 18, 2008

Taylor's Tonsils

Taylor had her tonsils out this past Monday and she did remarkibly well...much better then the other four combined. The hardest part was she wasn't due to be checked in until 10:30 and taken to surgery until 11:30. They schedule their day based on age (youngest to oldest) so now that the kids are getting bigger, they are going later in the morning........a hard sell when you can't eat or drink after midnight no matter what time you are scheduled. I had my girlfriend come up to my house with her kids (she homeschools) to watch the quints and get them on the bus to school while I took T to the surgery center. Having never had any experience with hospitals, minimal exposure to dr. offices and urgent care centers, etc.....she was expectedly nervous and trying not to cry but the doctor is such a sweet lady and the nursing staff is so pediatric oriented - they treated her like a little queen and that helped a lot. Steven met us there right before she was taken back and stayed until they put her in recovery. She was so nervous about waking up during the surgery and she ended up being knocked out not even two breaths into the gas mask - snoring away :-) The anestesiologist was shocked she went out so quickly and without a was funny really. My friend got the kids on the bus and drove her brood back home while I sat with Taylor in recovery and Steven went back to work for the day. Then my cell phone rang about 1.5 hrs. into was the preschool. Generally speaking, when the school calls during the day when your kids are there, you brace yourself for something going wrong....well, this teacher calls and says, "Hi this is Miss Lynn, you need to come get Jiliana from class - she is lethargic and has a fever of 102*.....can you come get her?" - WHAT THE HECK? I am in a hospital, my husband is already back at work after having taken off for a 2-hr. lunch to be at the hospital with me and Taylor - our emergency contact on the forms for preschool is my homeschooling friend who just went home after getting them on the bus.......there is NO ONE to pick her up - not this day anyway. So after some prayers and clear thinking, the best I can do is tell my husband to bring work home with him and go pick her up since she has a fever and we dont' know what it is. The teacher also shared that the preschool policy is after a fever the child stays home for a day to "recover" then can come back - all except I am supposed to be caring for Taylor who just had her tonsils out and the only alone "spoiling" time she gets is when they are ALL supposed to be at school.........*sigh* I would say "what next" but I know better now !

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