Monday, October 13, 2008

The New Development This Week (and other outragious stories!)

First off, let me start by saying that compared to lots of other HOM families, I have it easy. You jest? Some might say that statement is crazy in itself, but comparitavly speaking, everyone has their own set of hardships to deal with in life; mine just happen to be in the medical mishap department.

Last week seemed to go by smoothly enough, having recovered from five tonselectomies, one ER surgery and loosing my oldest daughter for about an hour after an away cross country meet (long story, another day!) -- I'd say that things were quite calm all things considered. Having said that, Obviously it was too much for me to state such a fact, because last night Joshua (AKA Quint "B") who has always been my biggest moose and my biggest "baby" during sickness -- he actually woke me up from this strange cough he kept having. I would guestimate somewhere around three in the morning, I woke up, went into his room (that he shares with his two other bros.) and realized just how weird this cough sounded. So I promptly picked him up, took him into bed with me and dh where we all three didn't get much more sleep after that. No fever, chills, complaints of pain, etc, just this stupid cough.

So, "Mama Denny Nurse" coming to the rescue, getting online first thing this morning, cruising "Web MD" like a used car bonanza, trying to figure out what the heck I am dealing with and I come across the syptoms list like the bling on the liquor store marquee that says, "ON SALE: -- croup, or barking seal cough. Now, I was 99 % sure this is what he had, but of course, I don't hold the medical degree, I just play nurse full time to seven kids including two that are quite regularly what we refer to around here as "breathing optional".....I call dh and after a quick pow-wow realize that I have to go to the real professionals to make sure my son is getting enough oxygen during this funky cough since the smaller the child the bigger the risk (so that's why all my kids are so underweight?!?!)..........

..........okay, so I decide that dh should come home to take care of the other four while I take Josh to the urgent care about two miles away as it's much closer to our home then the PCP who is all the way across town and a same day would at best be in the afternoon -- not doable when I have to be at home waiting for other kids to get home from their schools. My oldest is already at school, my middle just left for the bus stop at the corner, the other four are asking for breakfast and I am off with Joshua in tow to find out two things:

What are my son's saturations (oxygen levels) and is this contagious?

We arrive at the urgent care to find the facility pretty much empty (praise Jesus!) and get in to see the PA within about an hour (not bad for a walk in basis) upon listening to my son for about ten seconds, I, too, concures it is indeed Croup with a side of horseness (no voice). So we get Dexotrol (steriods) liquid for a one time jump-start dose to recovery and a prescription for nebulizer with albuterol for breathing treatments just like when the kids were six mos. old and got RSV.

So, now we are headed home to relieve dad to go back to work and I am left to get the kids ready for school since today is school pictures (yeah me!) and one is staying home with me. Oh yeah, I did mention that this week is conferences so the district is closed on Thursday and Friday with no school so we were working with a three day week to begin with !

Okay, well, since it's only Monday, I'm sure a lot more juicy info will trickle down my way yet - the week is young!!!

Blessings on your day!

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