Sunday, October 19, 2008


Happy 5th Birthday to my little miracle children - Alexis Diana, Joshua Stanley, Anthony Frank, Julian Matthew and Jiliana Hattie ! Steven and I can hardly believe that it has been five years since our lives changed forever ! When Dr. Elliott unfolded each of my children and showed them to me over the blue seperation sheet; I knew each one would be special in his/her own way.........although I didn't realize how much until we all came home and I got to experience them all together at one time! This year, we decided to keep things much more low key then in years' past - amazingly enough, the kids have really enjoyed lots of "little treats" instead of one big bash.
Friday the 17th was their actual birthday and we took them to Build A Bear to make their own special friend! Boy, was that a big deal! As you can see - they really enjoyed picking out and making their new friend! When we were done with Build A Bear, we took them to Sonic for Jr. banana splits and then ordered pizza for dinner.
We let them open up their present from Grammy Susan - nice little "semi-hard" Disney Charactar baseballs - that was interesting once they started throwing them around inside although I must say, nothing has been broken yet! The night was rounded out with a nice Frankenstein cake in honor of the Spooky Season upon us !
Saturday had planned the two little girls attending a birthday party of a little girl they know from Sunday School at church. It was held at Focus on the Family - which we enjoy attending often anyway. Jiliana went to the party and Alexis stayed at home with her siblings; we then got a call from a friend that helps at the local Republican Victory Office. She asked if we wanted to be interviewed for the news because our political signs were stolen out of our front yard the week prior. So we were on the news again! The interview was spliced into the newstory and made the five o'clock news locally.
The reporter found out during the course of our interview that I had seven children, including a set of quints whom had just celebrated a birthday - well, of course we were asked if there was a big party planned. I shared that we were doing lots of little things that were fun and rare for us. Our next treat was to take the kids to Red Robin to get birthday treats this afternoon after church. The reporter asked if she could do a story on us and meet us at the restaurant - we said of course, so we are now "out of hiding" so to speak.


Tammy said...

Wow, has it been 5 yrs already??? Amazing. They are so big now!!! Happy Birthday Alexis, Joshua, Anthony, Julian and Jiliana!

The Darkest Night said...


thanks for posting the great pictures!! :)