Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, today officially started the Halloween Festivities - we have many planned over the next week. My MIL and SIL arrived here from California this past Thursday afternoon and are enjoying seeing how much the kids have grown - especially my SIL as she hasn't seen 'em in about two years. We decided to take her to Focus on the Family and today, Steven took her on a drive thru Garden of the Gods and around town while the kids and I attended a local multiples club harvest festival. The kids all got to decide what they wanted to dress up as this year (the first year I let everyone decide) and suprisingly enough, it went much smoother then I thought it would. I only had to run out last week and pick up one costume for Alexis. Everyone else chose from the ones we saved from years past and a few new ones I bought from another friend who has quads.

Attached are some pictures of the kids in their costume / multiple club party pix. More to be posted as the week goes on with another festival tonight at our home church, trick or treating on Friday and a trip to Steven's office to trick or treat there on Friday as well.
Taylor - Cheetah, Alexis - Sleeping Beauty, Joshua - M & M, Anthony - Lion, Julian - Spiderman, Jiliana - Ladybug

Blessings on your week !

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