Friday, November 7, 2008

Tooth Tails

So this past weekend I was on a lengthy phone conversation with an old friend from CA and in the middle of the phone call, Julian comes up to me and hands me something and says, "Here you go mom" and runs off. I look down and in the palm of my hand is a micro-mini tooth! I stood there speachless for a moment and wondered where this prized possession could have come from since the quints were too young for this type of thing.....well, then Julian runs back up to me and goes, "Look at the hole in my mouth mom !" - he is so proud of himself and I am beside myself !

My baby lost his first tooth! He promptly put in an order for Briana to make him a little tooth fairy pillow so he could put it under his pillow that night. Briana made him a little pillow and I bagged his tooth, put it in the pocket and put it under his regular pillow that night.

Imagine his suprise the next morning when he pulled the pillow out, opened up the little baggie and pulled out a quarter! It's enough to get a gumball next time we are at the store ! Whew - another phase conquered - but not easily comfortable with!


Mom's monkeys said...

25 cents, poor boy!

lore said...

OH MY GOSH! NO WAY! Let me tell you... NOT READY FOR THAT ONE YET & My Crew is right behind yours in age! LOL! I didnt think baby teeth started coming out yet! Of course I have no clue WHEN the whole baby teeth falling out 'stage' is... WOW! - Louri

Catherine said...

$ .25 cents my kids would wonder why the tooth fairy was being so cheap. They get silver dollars at our house.
But considering you have a LOT more kids, I can see why the tooth fairy has to take the recession/conservative approach :)