Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello Everyone !

I hope the beginning of November finds you trying to stay healthy, avoid contagious diseases and not getting cabin fever quite yet ! Things here have been busy as is the daily life of a mom with seven kids; five the same age. Oh, how I wish for the days when no one could talk and I could just stick a bottle in their mouths and be met with silence! We had a fun Halloween Week - first celebrating with the CSPOMS Harvest Party followed by the harvest festival at ACC (our church). The week of halloween we had two preschool class parties on Wednesday (29th), the other two on Thursday followed by the MVE party (elem. school) for Taylor's class and Trick or Treating on Friday. Saturday followed with a trip to get haircuts by Julie (Dad's hairdresser here) and one last harvest party at the elementary school. I would have prefered to skip the last harvest party on Saturday the 1st however having prepaid for punch cards for games and treats, etc....I felt compelled to at least show up for a small amount of time.

Though I was glad that the celebrations were nicely spread out over the week; I am now equally as glad to have all the sugar-filled activities done with for now !

Have a great day !

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