Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tonsil Time - Outs

Thought I would add a blurb about the quints tonselectomies about 13 days ago. They are slowly recovering from left over throat and adnoid pain as well as "referred ear pain" as the ENT's explained was common one to two weeks post-op. We finished up "bubble gum" amoxicillian meds after seven days and we still have some Lortab (Tylenol based narcotics) for any pain they might have. We were administering that Q4 (every four hrs.) around the clock for the first week and as needed after that. It looks like we are on the home stretch just in time for Taylor's scheduled surgery on Monday, Sept. 15th.....whew, does it ever end ?

Attached are two pictures - one of Julian and Jiliana on "verced" a "loopy" drug administered before surgery to lessen the kids resistence to the anestesia and one of all four after tonsils out - notice how quiet it looks in the room?????

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Mom's monkeys said...

what is Taylor having surgery for?