Sunday, August 31, 2008

School Stories

Okay, so it's been an interesting week. The quints started preschool this past Monday and the girls started the Monday before that. We have had the run of "I-dont-feel-like-going-to-school-today" attitudes but for the most part everyone is adjusting nicely to their new classrooms. We are still doing therapy three times a week as has been the M.O. since about April. Today at church I got talked into joining a women's bible study starting in two weeks on Wednesday mornings - fitting in one more thing in an already packed schedule has proved to be a fine art. We have Monday mornings and Friday's free right now - but other then that - there is something going on every weekday morning, preschool is in the afternoons and elementary and middle school commitments come after school in the late afternoon.

Though it is a busy schedule, I am so thankful the kids all have something to do now that is their own! I was at the YMCA joining last week and the swim instructor even offered to teach the quints swim lessons in their own little class with no other students which I think would be wonderful for them to do - like Taylor joining girl scouts and Briana doing band and cross country.

Speaking of cross country, Briana went to her first meet last week and tho she didn't place - she was within the first 30-40 kids out of over 100 six graders. She ran a mile and a half in just under 15 mins. -- an awesome feat in my book any day and better then any times I had while running back in high school.
Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend - we are enjoying NOT having company and hanging out at home! ;-)

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