Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture Woas

Okay, after trying more then once to upload pictures to photobucket so I can post a slideshow on here; I have given up. I am terribly sorry if you aren't on facebook and haven't seen them there however I cannot seem to get the photos up and running on here no matter how many times I try (three so far) is much too time consuming and energy draining to sit on the computer, compose and upload pix for an hour just to have them shot to hell when something goes wrong with it.

Perhaps I will try again soon, but as of late, not sure and no guarentees - or you can get on Facebook where I also post stuff.

On a side note, the kids will be doing a commercial at the end of next month and Briana perhaps has an opportunity to get in the business as well soon -- more details to come soon !

Take Care & God Bless

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