Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Now that summer has officially been underway for some time now I have finally gotten on the ball and am taking enough time to update everyone about our family adventures this summer. The month of June & the month of July (so far) have held lots of activities, time with friends and one big long vacation to California.

The kids started summer vacation with swimming lessons at the YMCA - just the quints - and for the most part they all did well ! A few of the kiddos were hesitant at first to venture out into open water but eventually after a few sessions they were all dipping in like pros - Julian of course leading the pack in silly and overall life threateneing behavior poolside !

Our trip to California was a huge success and though we were all sufficiently exhausted by the end of it -the kids had a blast at the beach house, Legoland, Sea World, Grandma's house, stopping in Phoenix to see their special doctor & finally a few nights at Steven's aunt & uncle's place in AZ where we met.

July called for fireworks in the house and firworks in the sky ! It seems after a long road trip, everyone was intent on making someone else' life miserable ! For some reason, though they did great on the trip itself, the coming home and getting settled back down left a lot to be desired........whew ...what a first week home that was ! There were lots of time outs, a few spankings, losing electronic privleges (unplugged) amoung other things. Coming home to sleep in our own beds, play in our own rooms and have our own bathrooms to use as we chose was an added perk though!

Sammy missed us profusely and showed us by chewing up and eating the bottom 2/3 of the screen sliding door on the back porch rendering it a total loss....we couldn't really blame him though -- this was the first time he was left on his own for such a long time with just the neighbors stopping by a few times a day to check in on him. He did however let everyone in the whole neighborhood know how dissatisfied he was the first night by howling from sundown to sunup - my poor neighbors ! They didn't know what hit 'em !

Well, I shall sign off for now with a photo spread to come -- hope everyone has a great summer and here's to another great school year starting sooner rather then later !

Blessings on your week XOXOXOXOXOXO

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