Friday, February 13, 2009


First off, I would like to say I am sorry for not updating my blog sooner then five weeks ago - I temporarily got sucked into the world of Facebook and neglected this site which I will try not to repeat too often.
My poor Alexis, she was finally recovered from the last sickness last month (see last post) and she has been hit again.........this time it's pnemonia and she has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. This poor girl never gets a break it seems and it's so frustrating to watch her struggle for every breath, have IV fluids, go to ER's and take the hard road each time someone gets sick in the house.

The other little ones are doing fine however they also have a contagious disease of the week including but not limited to sinus infection, ear infection (now on the mend) and another one with treatable at home's amazing how fast everyone goes downhill during winter / RSV season........*sigh*

I must say that tho this has caused uproar in the home and with work, school functions, girl scout cookie delivery, etc.......we are so thankful God has brought us to a place of knowlege and understanding where staff and facilities here are more organized and caring with pediatrics then anywhere else I have seen before. The nurses just love the kids and treat them so nicely and with care........I have seen RSV cases, viral cases and not sure what it is cases with pediatrics here and always the time managed care and consideration for the parents amazes me.

I must check on my poor baby and prayer over her for healing and wellness again -- I hope she can go home soon to be with her sibs and get well enough to return to school next week -- prayers for her recovery would be most apprecaited as well as prayers for some sleep and peace for mom and dad !

Blessings on your weekend !!!

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