Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bowling Blogger

As you can see, from my last post - we finally broke down and took the kids bowling! We were so relieved to have Lexi out of the hospital, have the family under one roof again and have everyone recovered from their various sicknesses - that Sunday afternoon after church, I wanted to do something with the kids. Just to get them out of the house as a family seemed so important to me for some reason, so after noticing a few other posts from other HOM parents, I decided to try the bowling outing as a first with the kids (seeing as they thought it would be the same as Wii bowling, I was happy to change that prospective !) ....needless to say, Julian didn't find his mark, Taylor pouted about not winning, Briana's speciality was gutter balls and Alexis shocked everyone with her 8th frame strike to win the game!@ We went to a local family owned bowling fun center since they have Family Sunday's where you can have shoe rental and two games for 5.00 pp....not too bad when you are looking for "cheap" fun for the kiddos.....we also got some snacks and a pitcher of pink lemonade for the kids to share.....I, myself needed a beer to keep everyone under control (for me not the kids !)
Overall, it was a successful outing and tho there was some whining at the end of the day -- I felt like we had fun and the kids listening decently plus an added bonus was that due to the colder weather and later afternoon time, the place was nearly empty! Another feat tried, tested and mastered !

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