Sunday, December 14, 2008


WOW ! What a busy and fast paced last few weeks we have had ! Of course, we are still on cloud nine over our baptizm and acceptance into our home church as members. What an awesome extended family God has blessed us with! My mom and step-dad were here over the Thanksgiving holiday and while Ray flew home after only 10 days here; my mom didn't leave until just a few days ago - this past Friday....after three weeks here I think she got a sufficient grandchild fix and more motivation to move here soon to be close to our family!

We have made some changes to our daily lives to add some spice to things - not that it isn't busy enough anyway! I have been convicted to give away lots of our belongings to others in need and have been actively going thru boxes and extra clothes in the kids' closets, etc. Although I would like to do it more often and do more at one time - I plug away when I can and sneak stuff out of the house when the kids are at school. The blessings in return have been abundant and wonderful !

I have joined a ministry team that visits the respite senior home once a month for fun and fellowship with the residents - many of whom have little to no visitors. I help new moms of multiples here in town by coordiating a meal makers team thru our local multiples club that helps new members who have (mostly) twins, etc.

Another big change recently is that Alexis will be switching into a new class at preschool - still the same school just one classroom over - joining Anthony in his class. Although I was initially hesitant to switch her classroom setting, the new teacher has assured me she is ready for another special needs addition to the class and has a "plan of attack" for when the switch is made which includes potty training, patterning, repeat comprehensive vocabulary, etc. Steven and I feel most comfortable with the switch after consulting with therapists, teachers, etc.....and hopefully we will see progress and initiation on Alexis' part soon!

As I stuff and label our Christmas cards this year - I am struck just by how lucky we really are every day here. Although our finances and job stability are a never ending roller coaster and the kids' activities keep us busy - we wouldn't have it any other way!

In fact, Steven and I are looking to grow our family once again - it is quite excited dispite that obvious shock from those around us. We are looking into adoption thru the local foster care system. Before you get too excited - please hear us out......many children that come into the system end up never getting adopted and aging out at 18 - literally being thrown on the streets to fend for themselves. Most people wanting to adopt look for children 4 and under and not too many people want sibling groups thus the children get split up - usually because a younger sibling is adopted and the older ones are left behind.

Steven and I would love to help children like this....we are not rich, we are not perfect - but we love children and would hate to see siblings split up because they weren't wanted. We would love a sibling group of 2 (sisters or a brother/sister) and prefer the older ones since Alexis is enough in the diapering department. We are looking for kids' between the ages of 5 and 10 - lots to pick from (sadly) since most aren't wanted by that age. Our hope is that we can provide a stable, loving home for a few kids who have a home to come back to after they are grown.

We hope this update finds you enjoying the holiday hustle and bustle and keeping grounded in Christ and the sactifices He made for each of us. We love you all !

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duanestclair said...

I saw your Blog because I have a Google Alert on youth aging out of foster care. My wife and I were foster parents for 10 years and adopted a brother and sister that we fostered for 8 years. They were 18 and 20 when we adopted them.

The issue I would suggest you concern in looking at adopting a sibling group is how it will affect the birth order of you existing children. I never thought about the birth order question until our youngest birth daughter suddenly became a middle child. You wouldn't think this would affect a child but it did. Of course our birth children were in their teens so maybe that affected the situation. I would suggest that your children be brought into the discussion of fostering and adoption even if they are young. If you wanted to talk about this my email is