Friday, January 9, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR (and other medically based stories!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I trust that this finds you enjoying the winter months (as much as possible!) and trying to stay healthy during this lovely cold and flu season ! Things here have been educational to say the least. Last weekend I had to take Alexis back into the ER because she was breathing optional again (and in true Alexis- style - she only does this whole lack of breathing thing on a weekend, after 5pm or on a major holiday so to ER we go) .....her o's were at 85-89 % without oxygen so they called the RT downstairs and got her into a room where they hooked her up to oxygen and monitored her BP. Off to xray to have a look at her lungs (which were clear -thank God !) and some litocain and pain killers to stop the coughing to the point of throwing up that landed her in there in the first place.

It was a long afternoon combined with Steven working (on a Saturday) and the weather getting bad as the day went on; but ER is only five minutes from the house and I am thankful we weren't in California anymore - the staff here knows us and knew who we were right away when I brought her in....called her by name and took us back I was thanking God we were in such a loving place that truely cares about my kiddos !@

Alexis was sent home on oxygen and had a follow up apt. in four days, this past Wednesday. The dr. ordered a nocturnal pulse ox on room air and wants a recheck in two weeks - we also did an RSV swab which we never got a call back on so as of yet - we assume it's negative. No fevers, no more coughing (love that Zithromax!) and the doctor said we could just have the oxygen on at night during bedtime so she doesn't have to have it at school, or therapy, or MOPS or church - she can be "normal" which I am again so thankful for !!!

Glad to have such wonderful folks praying for my children daily -- and knowing that God provides all things,


Friday, January 2, 2009


HELLO EVERYONE - Here's hoping each of you had a blessed New Year's Eve & Day ! We went decidedly low key - which was nice for a change ! We took the kids and went over to a girlfriend's house where she was hosting a family get together for the New Year -- there was her family, our family and one other couple with their kids bringing the grand total of bodies in the home to 16 kids & 6 adults ! Amazingly the commotion in the house wasn't too much - well nothing an alcoholic beverage couldn't solve (us not the kids!) Our kids were all in the same age ranges - from 12 all the way down to 2 so it was nice -everyone had someone to play with......

.......the kids are enjoying the time at home - lazy days, not too many committments, playing new computer and Wii games, taking down and packing up Christmas stuff and cleaning out rooms and closets to pass on stuff we don't need's hoping the new year brings you wonderful times and blessed days !