Friday, January 2, 2009


HELLO EVERYONE - Here's hoping each of you had a blessed New Year's Eve & Day ! We went decidedly low key - which was nice for a change ! We took the kids and went over to a girlfriend's house where she was hosting a family get together for the New Year -- there was her family, our family and one other couple with their kids bringing the grand total of bodies in the home to 16 kids & 6 adults ! Amazingly the commotion in the house wasn't too much - well nothing an alcoholic beverage couldn't solve (us not the kids!) Our kids were all in the same age ranges - from 12 all the way down to 2 so it was nice -everyone had someone to play with......

.......the kids are enjoying the time at home - lazy days, not too many committments, playing new computer and Wii games, taking down and packing up Christmas stuff and cleaning out rooms and closets to pass on stuff we don't need's hoping the new year brings you wonderful times and blessed days !

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