Sunday, February 27, 2011

Now that we are thru with the holiday season; it's back to school, work & other daily adventures around the Denny Home! Lots of changes and exciting things going on around here to say the least! First off; two of the quints are now homeschooled full time due to some medical issues they have been having. Being gone from the house 8:30-4:30 five days a week isn't conducive to investigating why there are behavioral and medical issues happening so Alexis and Anthony are with me full time now. What a blessing in disguise this has been! They love a quiet house during the day and willingly do whatever work I ask of them.
We continue with Speech, Occupational, Vision therapies as well as horse riding when the weather permits and PT at home. Joshua, Jiliana and Julian are still in regular public school and seem to be doing well this year although the class sizes are much too large in my opinion being at 28 kids apiece.
Taylor is in fifth grade and loves her teacher but goes back and forth with weather she's like to be homeschooled as well; she doesn't do lots of drama with friends and hates getting up early so we shall see about that! Briana is in eighth grade and so excited about high school next year.....she has straight A's, loves musical theater & spanish class and has a small group of friends she hangs with. She could do without the bus ride to/from school, but she is happy about the way things are going. New laptop for Christmas & a recent history day competition here in town are on the highlights of recent stuff for her!
We also have an exchange student this year; her name is Geyla and she's 17 next week. She is in 11th grade and will be here until mid- June. She has made lots of other exchange student friends and gets together for activities with the program here in town often. She comes from a small town in central Russia; an only child raised by her grandparents so coming to this family was a shock to her ....but she enjoys having lots of people around. Living out in the country is a bit hard for her as back home she's used to walking everywhere or taking a bus; but living out here takes more planning on the transportation side of things!
We are so blessed by our home, our children and those around us we get to help and minister to on a daily basis....we hope this spring time season brings health and happiness to each of you!