Saturday, May 8, 2010

.....the wait is over.......

..........well after weeks of waiting -we found out two weeks ago that Steven did NOT make it into TBL10. I was so bummed for a few days but then realized that perhaps God had a better plan for him then to be gone all summer long.
The kids are almost finished with school; the quints kindergarten year has gone well & the older girls are glad to be done with homeschooling in the next few weeks. Although I thought homeschooling would be the only way to go; I am finding that perhaps I should try new things with schooling.......the older girls are going back to public school but in a new school district where our new house is located. I pray this will be a better fit for them and for me as well!
There have been other changes to our family life as well--we are in transition with church and attempting to find a new one right now due to several reasons but the change could be good in that there are several churches within two miles of our home out here in the country so to be closer to one would be nice!! We are looking for some thing more family oriented and parent directed so I am hoping God leads us to a good fit for our "unique" family!!
I am looking forward to going back to school this summer to get my CNA license so I can start working part time while the kids are in school. I love helping others & hope that a CNA will allow for me to do home visits for people & show Christ's love on a more personal one on one basis.....not sure about school though--the thought of going back after 12 years of being out is daunting......whew.........we shall see where the summer takes us ! I look forward to the many changes coming for our family !! Have a blessed day !!