Thursday, April 22, 2010


We are still waiting, waiting, waiting for the email that could change the course of our year & our family. It all started back in February when I was snooping around online and found out that The Biggest Loser was having an open casting time where people could apply for the next season of the show. As I watched the next snow storm roll over the mountains, I pondered printing up the application; quite lengthy at 15 plus pages. I had tried to get Steven to apply for the show the previous year to lose weight, but he wasn't remotely interested.
What have I got to lose I thought? I could just ask him what he thinks? So quick print and a bunch of noise later, I had an application in my hand for "THE BIGGEST LOSER SEASON 10". Pray over it I thought; that's what I will I prayed over it and left it on the desk to look over another time. The next day Steven called me from work and asked me if I had printed up the application for the show. I told him yes, I thought it would be good to at least apply for it; but there are so many people that apply every season-who knows what could happen? Over the course of the next three weeks we filled out the application page by page, question by question....he spoke, I wrote. What is your relationship with food? I don't even realize I am eating half the time or what I am eating. Are you a stress eater? Is anyone else in your family overweight? What was your childhood like? So many questions; coming up with so many issues we don't normally discuss on a regular day. In March we made a DVD of Steven, introducing the production staff of TBL10 to himself, his family, his life. We burned a copy, attached the application and I took it to the post office. As I sat there waiting for my turn, I realized that this application, this video, this show could be an awnser to so many prayers....prayers for my husband to lead a healthy life, life longer, be a better husband and father, feel better about himself.
So many negative things in our lives were caused by this root problem of the weight gain & the health problems. Dear God, Please let this application lead my husband closer to you, lead others to you, set an example and become a better Steven. Please put a change in his heart so he can look at hmself the way that I look at him, the way that you look at him. Amen

It's now March and we are packing up the house to move into another home. This time it's different though--for the first time in eight years we are becoming homeowners again and we are extatic ! We have found a home that provides for all our needs, most of our wants and some much needed stability for our children. We pack a little more each day, getting closer to closing on the house and getting settled in our own's hectic, it's loud, it's stressful but it's so worth it! We have found a five bedroom home on acreage; another awnser to prayer. We have bought a truck & sold our old car; another awnser to prayer. We have been given some bedroom furnature that is needed for our middle child all for free; another awnser to prayer. We are so blesed each day it's hard to beleive things could get any better.

APRIL --We are living in our new home full time