Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, since it is "almost" summer- even here in Colorado - I should start getting ready for our summer vacation next month to California. We will be going to the beach for a week and then going back up to Bakersfield to see some old friends & family. We will go to Disneyland, Legoland & I will be taking the girls to Magic Mountain one day as well. The kids are so excited to see friends and familiy, plus going to the theme parks will be an added treat too ! Some highlights of the past month have been the end of the school year, getting a pass to the zoo here, taking swim lessons & working out at the gym as well. We have had visits from grandparents and have helped some folks out by letting them stay with us for a bit until they got back on their feet; we look forward to what God has in store with house-buying, schooling options for the kids and what the new job for Steven has in store for him ! We also had some family photos taken which I will try and post -they turned out lovely ! Have a great May and stay safe ! XOXOXOXOXOXO