Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have recently started doing a morning bible study and have come to the realization that although I have done well in improving my daily schedule and getting the kids where they need to be and get there on time, part of my struggle has been leaving the smaller details to linger. So as not to dissapoint myself down the road for not keeping up, my new committment is to update this blog once a week; perhaps if I can keep up with it, I will feel more committed to keep up with other "small details" I have forgotten more recently....although I must say, I am very thankful I haven't forgotten a kid or a "large scale item" ever, period. Perhaps my mind isn't going as fast as I thought it was !!
We have had quite the interesting weather to speak of here and though I love a change of season, I must admit the prospect of having all four in one day doesn't do much for me! The kids and I have suffered sinus problems, coughing, runny nose, etc...due to the rapid change in temp. on a daily basis. Perhaps stock in "kleenex" is next for us! The mountains are lovely; the people are great and the kids are on the mend from various illnesses, surgeries, etc.

Some tidbits from out lives in the past weeks:

Grammy & Grandpa Ray came for a visit and we went to the dinosaur museum one day(though the kids liked it, it wasn't as big as I thought it would be!), the famiy fun center another day, and Grammy took the kids on various outings in pairs plus Briana got her own day out with Grammy to celebrate her birthday. They went to the art museum, out to lunch, shopping a bit, etc......and she got to miss a day of school for that, so she was happy ;-)

Spring break was the last week in March and Joshua was down for most of it due to having his tonsils & adnoids out the previous week. Though he had a hard time the first few days; he was an easy recovery with no complications so now everyone is done with surgeries - praise the Lord !

Easter weekend was busy but blessed indeed. Briana sings in the traditional choir at church and they were involved in all Easter weekend services, so we attended a Good Friday service that night, Easter egg hunt Sat. morning (put on by middle & high school kids) then I drove my mom to the airport to fly home. Briana had practice Sat. afternoon for the Sunday morning services and then sang in all three services. Steven and I ushered and I helped in the nursery during the late service. Steven made dinner for Easter Sunday and we enjoyed some much needed time at home with out anyone having to attend any birthday parties, no one had to work and no one was sick - yeah !

Briana turned 12 last week and already I have more grey hair to prove it! I'm not sure how long I am expected to handle her hormone and mine, but my patience is dwindling quickly !@ Though we were supposed to go out of town overnight for a girls activity alone, our plans were quickly shot down by the blizzard that swung thru town and hit the day we were to head out. Alas, breakfast with mom, a movie by herself with dad and having a blue cake didn't improve her mood as much as we thought it should but having an unplanned snow day added to a long weekend already (kids had off MON & Tue) well, it was interesting to say the least !

Steven & I were blessed to go and see two famous Christian artist who were here in town last week; Steven Curtis Chapman & Michael W. Smith.......WOW - what awseome men of God they are ! I even got my t-shirt ! How life changing to see Christian artists who are so talented team up and sing each others' songs, give testimony about love and loss, etc.....they have been friends for 20+ yrs. but finally now have taken the time to tour together. What a blessing for everyone who gets to see them !

With that, I realize it's 7AM and I must wake up offspring for school to be on time ! I hope this finds everyone having a great week and a great Spring! Be thankful, be giving, speak good things and help those in need. This is what God has commanded me to do and I hope you will do it, too. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOX

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Time (Sort Of)

So the past few months have gone by in such a whirl that I have hardly had time to come up for air ! Alexis was in the hospital back in Februray and I am so happy to say that she has been doing much better since coming home - not even an asthma attack to mention ! Praise the Lord ! March was a month of busy-ness including a visit from Grandma & Grandpa, spring break & more evaluations & appointments. Joshua had his tonsils & adnoids out so that makes six out of the seven kids with no more tonsils ! We have visited the dinosaur museum, the local family fun center, focus on the family, mcdonalds, gotten kindergarten shots & been to our first birthday party for a girl from our Sunday School class.

Taylor got baptised at church this past Sunday too ! It was so exciting to see her make that committment! What an awesome thing to witness & participate in!

I will try and post pictures of all the various events soon - it was lots of stuff in a short period of time !

Here's hoping you have a safe & blessed springtime !