Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Grandma and Grandpa Ray are here ! We recovered from Josh' surgery just enough to enjoy Mom and Ray coming to town for a visit -- it has been fun to see them lead there grandparents everywhere to play the Wii, pretend to be monsters, etc......Grammy is also planning alone time with the kids in pairs and Briana gets an evening out alone since her birthday is coming up in a few weeks.....
Grandma has also helped out a lot with dr. apts, shots, leave a few kids at home with Grammy and take some others with you for apts. is much easier then taking everyone !
We have had spring break this week and so far, so good. Kids have enjoyed the lax schedule and jammie days work for me! Though I will never get caught up on laundry and perhaps my ear plugs will be used more this week; it's nothing a good game of Hi-Ho-Cherrio or Princess Uno won't solve !!!

Steven and I went to a foster care training class last weekend and learned so much about foster to adopt kids and stable enviornments; we didn't realize how many kids there are that are just left to fend for themselves. I can't imagine not having a place to come back home to after turning 18 and venturing on my own.......*sigh* perhaps one day, I'll win the lottery so I can adopt them all ;-) Have a safe and productive week !

Blessings on your Easter Break !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009


So, all the kids celebrated this "momentous occasion" in their classrooms this past week and all came home telling stories of sampling green eggs & ham, reading books by the author, playing silly games and so on........however the icing on the cake was the "Cat In The Hat" Hat that Joshua made at school. It was such a unique activity to do at school and bring home to show off ! I was quite impressed with it until I asked him to put it on so I could take a picture. You'd have thought I told him he was getting a shot or something! The look on his face was worthy of a photo op contest with prize money ! I will try and post it on here as well.

I am thankful that for now anyway, there is no sickness or contagious disease to speak of running it's course in the house and we are feverishly trying to put the breaks on outside activities so we can make time at home to go thru boxes and get rid of things we no longer need or use. We would love to buy a home this summer and hope God provides a way to do so - we would like to have stability and consistence for the kids, especially the two older girls who have been thru more moves in their shorts lives then most folks go thru in a lifetime. Our prayer is to secure a home with some acreage so we can have some room to spread out and perhaps, one day, get some farm animals or a horse,etc......well, that's all for now - take care !

Loving life, Loving God and Loving You ! Have a great day !